from the Pastor

  LifeTeen Steubenville West 2014                                                      

July 20, 2014

  • Thanks to all who donated (or attempted to donate) blood last weekend. The Red Cross collected 46 pints, which is absolutely wonderful considering so many people are away for the summer. Thank you again, and please mark your calendar for the next blood drive on Sunday, September 14.

  • Fr. Jay is back from his two week vacation. Welcome back!

  • Many of our scouts have been away to summer camp at locations all over the United States. We have a wonderful program here at Saint Thomas. Their contact information can be found at the preceding link or on the back page of the bulletin (before the ads).

  • A gentle reminder that if you want the time that is convenient to you for your child’s religious education classes, you should sign up your child now. Materials are available in the Narthex of the church and at the Religious Education office during the week.

Blessings ... Fr. John