from the Pastor


June 26, 2016

  • I was gratified to see the people show up last Saturday for my “Q&A with Fr. Jay”. Fr. John and I are always so pleased to see the commitment to adult education that our parishioners show. Just a reminder however that I will be on vacation in July so the next Q& A will be in August. Fr. John’s and Hurd Baruch’s scripture study class will begin July 11 in O’Leary Hall.

  • Our next blood drive is Sunday, July 10, in O’Leary Hall. Blood is especially needed this time of year, so please sign up in the courtyard today (Look for the big Red Cross sign).

  • Finally, welcome back to Fr. John, who returns this week from his much deserved vacation!  

With Brotherly love in Christ...

                                                    Fr. Jay