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Christmas Schedule

December 21, 2014

Dear Parishioners:
            I am grateful for so many things as I approach my fifth Christmas season at St. Thomas. I always fear that I will forget someone or some organization, but I would like to say more than just a general “thank you.” These have been the Christmas blessings that I have experienced this past year:

  • The kindness of Msgr. Todd, who has been helpful in ways that you will never know.
  • The help of a wonderful staff and volunteers, who have made my task here an easy and joyful one. Staff and volunteers are the heart of any parish.
  • Our varied and helpful organizations that bring so much life and activity to the parish.
  • Our music and those who play and sing. They bring a joyful sound to us.
  • Our outreach to those in need through so many of our unsung programs .
  • Our wonderful Preschool/Kindergarten that benefits so many of our children.
  • Our Religious Education program from age 3 to those of us with white hair.
  • Our Associate Pastor, Fr. Jay, and the many talents he has brought to this parish.
  • Deacons Ed and Phil, who again help in ways that you will never know.
  • Our Pastoral Council who brings your point of view to the table. As this point of view is not always the point of view of the pastor, being challenged is always a blessing.
  • Our Finance Council and Board of Directors who work tirelessly to steward our resources.
  • Finally, last but not least, you…the members of this parish…whose generosity not only to the parish, but to the wider Church, is legend in the diocese. Without you, none of this would be possible.

To each and every one of you, thank you! I hope you and yours have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

Blessings . . . Fr. John