from the Pastor

  Volunteers for 2015 Summer Bible Camp                         

March 29, 2015

  • Thanks to both Fr. André and Fr. Fred for enriching our Lenten experience. Also thanks to the 18 priests who participated in our communal penance service.
  • Holy week is upon us. The schedule for Masses and events is very different during Easter Week, please look later in this bulletin for details. The 8:00 a.m. morning Mass is only through Wednesday this week.
  • Parking is always at a premium during Easter.  Please carpool as much as possible. Parking is not allowed on Valley View Road and Calle del Pantera in front of the church. However, starting near the southernmost church entrance on Valley View Road, there are “off the pavement” parking signs. Our neighbors try to be kind and understanding, so let’s do the same for them. Please do not block their egress or ingress, and most importantly, please be considerate.

  • Don’t forget you have two more weeks for CTSO ..…

Blessings . . . Fr. John